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The Professor’s Methodology : Online Classroom

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The Book

Professor’s Book

The professor’s teachings compiled in "The Professor’s One Minute Guide to Stock Management".

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Dean’s List

The Professor’s Dean’ List

Learn How to Read The Dean’s in Class.

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Student Interview

Student TV Interview

Hear a students view of the class.

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Class Room

Class Room

Class in session at University of North Florida.

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The Professor

The Professor

The Professor describes his Methodology.

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Market Data


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About Us

Do you need to spend your retirement and save at the same time? Are you on a fixed income with an IRA or retirement account that you need to generate income but also live on. Having a problem understanding the current markets and how to trade them? Have a financial advisor or broker but not exactly sure what they are recommending?

Are you a person that wants to learn and understand how to invest in the market, maintain and grow your principle or just be able to direct your financial advisor or broker to full fill your needs, this is the place to be.

  • Do you work all day and don’t feel that you have the time to manage your investments?
  • Only have a few dedicated minutes a day to devote to managing your investments?
  • Are you following the markets 2-4 hours a day managing your investments and not getting the returns you think you should?
  • Do you spend full time with your investments and still seem to come up short a lot?

If any of the above describes your position then The Professor’s Methodology and THEMARKET101 is designed for you.

The Professor’s Methodology through THEMARKET101 provides the tools and information necessary for you to make your investment decisions. You do not have to use the buy and hold philosophy that so many analysts are stating. Many of you may be doing your own trading or in concert with others and these tools can greatly aid in those endeavors. Generally, with all the computerized trading and mega houses buying and selling the individual has a harder and harder time in following the market and making money. The Professor’s Methodology helps you understand the markets and provides you with decision tools to help you manage your finances independently or with your broker or financial advisor. It will help to protect yourself financially.

Via the RSS link you can be notified when The Professor uploads any new updates to the various comments, lists or other relevant items.

That is what we do.

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THEMARKET101 is the medium for all of the The Professor’s Methodology information. It was launched in 2011 to replace the then email system used for dissemination of The Professor's data and analysis. Over time several features and information have been added and it was necessary to develop the website to assure everyone received up-to-date and timely information.

When you join you get access to the Dean's List and Member's Watch List. Using The Professor's proprietary algorithms the Dean's List ETF's and the Member's Watch List stock picks are filtered and ranked. They can be used for potential picks to trade and can be a guide to market directions.

The Honor Roll will list any potential long or short trades from the Member's Watch List that are trending. Used together they are a great tool to help your decision making.

To wrap this all together The Professor provides a Weekend Strategy Review summarizing The Professor's thoughts on the past week and the direction of the markets for the coming period.

And if that is not enough The Professor puts out a Professor’s Comment throughout the week when he feels there are major shifts or concerns in the market that the members should be made aware of.

An RSS link is provided to alert you when a new update has been posted for the 7 major lists and sections so you can login and review them.

Need a quick overview of the markets, moneyflow, trends and guidance for changes then look at the Market Signals box (Cockpit Data). It provides a quick snap shot of the markets strengths and weaknesses. Need to get a feel for the trading direction of the markets, The Market Data box displays the 3 major markets index ETF's. The relationship between the Cockpit Data and the Market Data provide a full overview of the markets and there actions.

Once subscribed to THEMARKET101, you have access to Lesson's and Strategies to read about the many different trading strategies as taught in The Professor's class and detailed in the Professor's One Minute Guide to Stock Management book.

To round out the provided features, there is the FAQ section and Tips and Tricks area. Tips and Tricks will provide answers and description for things like the setting up an RSS link, clearing browser cache and other technical items.

While on the website, read about an ETF or stock, want to check it quickly but don't want to log into your trading platform, just bring up our Stock Analysis page, plug in the symbol name and you will see your results with all of The Professor's indicator's (EMA, DMI, P-Volumn, MACD, RSI and CCI) already set up.

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Professor’s Class

The Professor’s Methodology course is unlike any other financial course or expensive trading seminar. You don’t need expensive trading software to manage your investments. You only need to understand a few simple rules and indicators that are available for free on the internet.

The Professor periodically holds his classes, Covid-19 permitting, (The Professor’s One Minute Guide to Stock Management) in the evening Continuing Education Sessions at Florida State College at Jacksonville (FSCJ) at the Jacksonville, Fl campus. It is a 6 hour course divided into 3, 2 hour sessions.

If you are unable to attend The Professor’s Methodology class you can purchase his book in softcover here or for your kindle from Amazon.

Using The Professor’s Methodology as described in The Professor’s One Minute Guide to Stock Management only requires one minute a day to protect yourself once your positions are established. Trading and investments should not be a worrisome adventure. Life is too short and every moment is precious. There are too many things that we need to be concerned about as we live our lives. Worrying about our investments should not be one of them.

Specifically, what are some of the things you take away from the class or The Professor’s book?

  • When is a good time to be "in the stock market" and a good time to be "out of the stock market"
  • Learn how to recognize when to buy and when to sell stock’s and ETF’s
  • How to recognize what to buy
  • How to Position Trade and the advantages
  • How to use technical indicators
  • Hockey Stick to learn entry and exit points
  • Wave analysis to follow tops and bottoms
  • You will also learn what the one most important concept for trading and making money is.

You will learn about the DMI, COACH, A/D OSC, and others. Don’t worry, you will learn what these indicators are, how to read them and what they tell you. They are taught in the class or described in The Professor’s One Minute Guide to Stock Management book.

Words from The Professor

Hear actual comments from The Professor .

When asked why he is doing all this he responded:

From the book (The Professor’s One Minute Guide to Stock Management).

Authors’ Forward

It all started in April 2009. I came home from playing golf and told my wife Marcia about a conversation I had with a friend. He told me that he lost a considerable amount of money in the stock market. He said that was dissatisfied with his financial advisor who was with supposed to be watching his investment portfolio. But apparently, all his advisor was doing was watching his investments go down. I told my friend that the technical indicators I was following were negative, and had been negative for some time, and that no one should be in the stock market under these conditions. I wondered why his financial advisor wasn’t telling him this.

When I discussed this with my wife, she opined that maybe people don’t understand technical analysis or indicators. Maybe it was time for someone to explain them in simple, easy to understand terms so everyone can use them to make investment decisions for themselves, without the need for ’advisors’. Or if they had a financial advisor, they can use these indicators to discuss whether they should be in or out of a particular investment. I believe that investors and advisors should know how to manage a portfolio, not just watch it go up or down.

After discussing the above with Marcia, I decided to have a seminar at my golf club. So early in March 2009, with the Dow trading near 6,700, I stood before my friends and neighbors and announced that the Dow was going back above 10,000. I’m sure they wondered who this guy was that was so confident to make a prediction like this. I gave my reasons, explaining how technical analysis could be used to project a higher market. One of the participants at the seminar was so excited, that she told a neighbor about the seminar, who happened to work at the University of North Florida’s Department of Continuing Education. A few days later I was the discussing the outline of a course with them. The course was developed from a Methodology that I have used in my trading for years. When I worked for the Navy, I used to talk about this Methodology with my co-workers. Then after I left government service and consulted back to the Navy, I used to teach it to many of the people I worked with at Patuxent River, Maryland.

And now, after three years teaching the course at UNF, The Professor’s One Minute Guide to Stock Management has proven to be a very popular course. It draws overflow crowds of students of all ages and investment experience levels, and has been reported in newspapers and on TV. It is not like any other financial course or an expensive trading seminar. You don’t need expensive trading software to manage your investments. You only need to understand a few simple rules and indicators that are available for free on the internet. My One Minute Guide only requires you to look at your stocks one minute a day for you to protect yourself. Trading and investments should not be a worrisome adventure. Life is too short and every moment is precious. There are too many things that we need to be concerned about as we live our lives. Worrying about our investments should not be one of them.

I hope this book and my Methodology helps you understand the markets, and provides you with the decision tools to become financially independent and protect yourself. Take control - Do it yourself. It’s your money, your retirement, your kid’s education, your financial future. Protect it.

Hank Swiencinski

December, 2012

Video and Other testimonials

Listen to interview The Professor's Radio Interview by Jim Byard on Jacksonvilles WEJZ Lite 96.1. It is a MUST listen to!
Watch an actual interview student interview in the class and see what she thinks of the course. See the full interview as seen on WJXT channel 4 in Jacksonville, Florida on October 25th, 2012.
Read the times union newspaper article by Wayne Ezell from the Times Union



The only problem with Wednesday’s class was the last one. It was a great class Hank, and I will be signing up for your advanced program. Maybe you should consider holding one of your stock trading courses on an RCL cruise. That way we could all sit on the deck sipping a Singapore Sling while you sling your thing on stock trading. Seriously, think about it ! !


Thanks for a great course.


As an active investor for many years, I appreciated the quality of the information, and your ability to reduce a huge pile of data into some precise, concise, simple and clear rules. Most anyone can collect data, many can analyze it, but few can distill it to actionable intelligence.


As a college business and law professor, I also appreciated your teaching style. When the subject matter includes things that ’people think they know’, the students often want to share ’their’ opinions, which dilutes the value of the class because it reduces the time that the instructor can perform. Mark Twain said it best when he commented that ignorance is not the problem. The problem is things that people know that ain’t so. While questions can demonstrate interactive learning, they often devolve into ’Well here’s what EYE know". Your command of the classroom virtually eliminated that danger, and it was so effective that I’m going to shamelessly copy more of that style because I saw the value of it for six hours.

As you pointed out a couple of times, at our age we recognize that our most valuable commodity is time, and I got more than my money’s worth - I got my time’s worth.


I enjoyed meeting you and attending the seminar immensely ! Your personality kept a dull subject very interesting.

As a side note, I wish you would pass this on to future students to give them a good idea of the extreme value they are getting.

I spent $1,000 dollars with Investools for a day and 1/2 training. The only thing you didn’t supply with the course they did was a website to search for long and short candidates. Your DMI and hockey stick methodology is far superior to their 3 green or 3 red arrow strategies for entering and exiting trades. They provided nothing for developing a target, which is paramount to making money.

I also spent $4,000 dollars with Optionetics to learn how to trade options which that part is great. However, to be able to screen stocks for options trades I had to purchase a $3,000 dollar software package that produced Elliot wave 4 and wave 5 trade candidates. The software was slow and the oscillator they taught us to use for trade entry was terrible compared to DMI. The software did allow for regression testing. Once I cranked that up, I discovered very few of the trades were profitable and put Elliot wave behind me. Hockey stick analysis has brought me back !

The bottom line is I spent $5,000 dollars for training that caused me to spend alot of time reviewing hundreds of possible trades per week and still lost money.

Your training was a meager $79 for a system and methodology that actually works !

I got some stocks from’s stock scouter and paper traded them the last few weeks as we went along and they have behaved as expected.

You have presented the students with a great opportunity to protect and grow their nest eggs !

I can’t thank you enough !


The class was informative and enjoyable. The two hours flew by each night. I look forward to taking the positions trading class. How can I access your website?
Looking forward to the next class !


Thanks again, Hank, for your superb seminar !


I cannot tell you how much your classes have lifted my spirits and my understanding of the investment world. After spending 6 years studying architecture (years ago) in college, it is refreshing to listen to a "professor" who knows his stuff and practices it with great enthusiasm.


As always, the Professor never makes recommendations. The information is provided on an educational basis so you can have informed discussions with your financial advisors and/or accountants about your individual investment decisions.

All of the commentary expressed in this site and any attachments are opinions of the author, subject to change, and provided for educational purposes only. Nothing in this commentary or any attachments should be considered as trading advice. Trading any financial instrument is RISKY and may result in loss of capital including loss of principal. Past performance is not indicative of future results. Always understand the RISK before you trade.